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Monday, June 4th 2007

4:41 PM

PEACE! Already Is… TUNE IN

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PEACE! Already Is…


Message for the Day… remember to say grace or pray over you food; blessing it to provide health for the mind, body and soul. I received word that people have become so hurried with the speed of life and fast take out ordering that people are getting sick and fat. If you have become so busy and that you haven’t even the memory to do so then ask to be reminded, you’ll be surprised just as you are about to plug your pie hole...  


I have been deep in research about self hypnosis in response to my reading influenced by “The Secret” and “The Divine Matrix” to create better visualization techniques and to stimulate my mind into a dynamic participant in creating The New Reality as we move forward into the Age of Aquarius. Along the way found these clips.



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During my study of Hypnotic Mind Programming Composition composure I came into a greater understanding of Binaural Tone Therapy and hear is a unique look at sound and its vibration effect on sand. I believe sound is another field that needs to be fully mastered for the betterment of Humanity. I believe we are on the threshold of beholding miraculous discovery and it will all be used for the Good of all. We are One and we are all connected within the Divine Matrix.

Resonance: Sound=Form

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1: Creative Power

The air is ripe with imagination, inspiration and energy. Electrically charged, dynamic, arousing force that bodes well for creative initiative. If your goals are in alignment with the greater good, your actions will meet with success, but this can only happen if you assert yourself in a positive way. This is a good time to exercise leadership, because you can be strong now. But be forewarned: success turns to failure when strength turns to arrogance.

Believe in your dreams and persevere, and everything around you will flourish. Call upon creative power and let it work through you. Stay focused on your goals; do not let yourself be distracted, or you may lose the power available to you now. And remember that when taking action, success requires good timing.


Hmmm perhaps my timings off when I read my I Ching. But then a gain this is my Shock Treatment and biting on the bit instead of the tongue is part of my healing. Worse could be written believe me…much worse which I have eluded for the sake of those not directly mentioned.



“Forgiveness; a concept, practiced by both parties?”…Michael

On ward…




1 : to win mastery  : TRIUMPH

2 : to be or become effective  : SUCCEED

3 : to urge successfully  *prevailed upon her to sing*

4 : to be frequent  : PREDOMINATE


“I will be fruitful and multiply, in many shapes and forms!” …Michael

For now we shall go into prayer and cast many blessings. Have A Blessed summer!

So please stay Tuned… ZeeArcTune





Who knows… the main point I think I’m trying to make is the power of Blessing ourselves and the use of visualizing white light.  












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Final Notes of Wizdom




I am reminded of me ancient past on the Planet I left so many giptons ago.

B4 I crash landed upon this final oasis in this Galaxy that's slowly drifting through space in its spiral swirling case of Milky curds and way;

Destination, Demise; and eventual Collision with the Andromeda strain... eons from this point in time.

It will be such a beautiful merge... complete with fire works and starry eye's encircling our minds like little twetty bird halo's of crowny thorns spinning and churning out a new reality.

For now though I'm set to defining the Aquarian Age as we leave the Piscean one behind.

And that brings me to the plasticity of the Robotniks of our current affair with society and the masks we tend to ware in freakish despair. Oh the telomeres break off one by one as the sands of time flow through the fluke of the flask as we ask ourselves over and over...

"Is this all there is?"

Ahhh but to those who ask and wait and receive the answer; find that virtue is held in the very essence of the question and in it appears the reply of timeless wisdom. 

Oh there is so much more!

For Eye and Ear shall understand the emotion to define deep within your chest... Imagine it; and when your curiosity leads you on only to find more; wonder in your wander. The vivid picture in your head shall receive the gifted answer before the finish of your breath.

Great Joy and Excitement! Woo Hoo

So where ought this power be?

In science fact n fiction of greasy little mechanisms?

Or in the organics of shells of fleshy pride?

I say...


It's in the Dream and Pure thought that occurs by the very pulse and oscillation of emotion that generates the manifesting of your vision in the blink of an eye!




Thanks to all those who visit and leave me notes and a most special thanks to those of you who have prescibed for Treatment... Love Michael


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Tuesday, May 15th 2007

9:25 PM

No More Shock Treatments

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Dear Friends and Lovers

I am cured and my polarity has been succesfully reversed.

Happiness and Joy abounds all around and I now walk proudly and majestically into the future.

All has been restored and my purpose completely renewed.

I am singing a brand New Tune   

Have A Blessed summer!

May it be COOL!


Love Michael



That's right so i must get busy creating. Weeeeeeeeeee



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Tuesday, May 8th 2007

9:57 PM

Science and Soul Keep Coming Closer into the Same Realization

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Update Post May 8, 2007


Science and Soul Keep Coming Closer into the same Realization 


And it’s happening to you!



Hailo Friends and Lovers

Science and Soul Keep Coming Closer into Realization about everything we already know and I’ve been telling them as they attach the electrodes.

Right now they’re wheeling me down the Hallway for my next shock treatment and I decided to telepath a Blog Journal Entry before they blow my mind, just so I can blow yours. 

Speaking about Big Bangs… check out this Super Nova 


Tracking Activity from Chandra

So during my up time I have began to study with a kindred spirit of mine. Gregg Braden

I’ve had the code ignited in me; quite some time ago and well if you want to understand me, you can come to understand yourself; through the works of Mr. Braden which eloquently guide you Sweet Children of Light, You Who Walk Between the Worlds. 

Ha ha

And they want the shocking truth do they…

Bzzz Bzzzz

I’m not the only one. Haa haa ha ha   : l JK

Just follow the Link and you shall be enlightened


Current Update on the Condition Of our Star: The SUN

Listen to the Audio Presentation

Watch the Clips

So much to share...

Take your Pick 

You might want to book mark these links for your own scientific study 

The Earths Polarity

Flipping    Reversing

Genome Research  unlocking new and intersting doors in the Mystery of Life , revealing that we are really holographic in nature.

I saw a documentary on fractals on PBS: The colors of Infinity hosted and narrated by Arthur C Clarke completely Mezmorizing. I believe this is another key to creation and the mind of God. Stay tuned!

I also saw a short on travel channel on the Legend of the Great White Buffalo which we could view as a prophetic marker to proceed into The Next Age; so start visualizing The Kingdom and Earth as One. It’s a Beautiful thing Lovers!

Powerful Native Tribal Song of my Indian Ancestors – Pray for Rain

All of this got me searching and The Spirit led me to, The Hopi Spiral Legend and more Prophecy Revealed. Strange thing about it all the Spiral Labyrinth is seen through out the world. Astonishing!

And then I found this Really COOL LINK on the Mayan Calendar!

The Mayan Calendar Portal    < - A Must see Study

Here are a couple more tools to calculate as we walk between the worlds in hopeful anticipation of a truly Grand NEW Vision. It's up to US to see it...

This was the Path that led me to you. Peace.



However don't leave: with any Stone Unturned. There's absitively no reason for you and I not to come into agreement! GOOD LUCK

upon our Strange Adventure together.

Oh here come the helicopters to see what sort of signal I’m sending again. They must have some sort of device that can see atmospherical anomalies; or perhaps someone called the police out of ignorance or fear hearing me chant and vibrate as I rearrange the fabric of time and reality for the betterment of mankind and for unification of the spirit to alter the course towards The Kingdom now. Hang on friends it’s going to get a Lit Till Bumpy!




Seriously Friends and Lovers dig deep and find the way to Forgive All Malice and Bless those who have fallen and gone foolishly astray that they may be the catalyst that cause changes the polarity in you to finish the ushering in of the NEW AGE of Aquarius as we leave the Piscean age behind.

Many Blessings of White Light and Love 


Your Friend Michael aka ZeeArcTune



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Mystic Ram Blingz






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