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Monday, February 27th 2006

8:20 PM

Tag time

  • Mood: Busy -Thirsty
  • Music: Audio Slave

Maeve: hey, you said that our links don't lead anywhere awile back. I just checked, and they all work. Did you perhaps mean something else by that statement?

sparkle: Michael
longshanks: Hi Mike, thanks for dropping by. The new job is going well, 1st line support for an ISP, hopefully it will give me more free time soon.
hi musician...saw you at amy's: even if you didn't play it....it brough another month of music into your life...nanza
Jilly T (HUgs))
Talula_rouge: HI! Thanks for stopping by again! You 've got some cool stuff going on here.
CyberMagic: Thanks for stoping by good work on your web pages. I started useing jave script about 6 months ago on my bravenet journal. Please join my massage board & give feed back on how things are working and I will do the same for you. Take care & have agreat week!
Dennis : Just droped by for a cup of sugar! Do you have a cup of coffee to go with that?
RAINBOW: Hey Cooool Guy! Wishing you an enjoyable weekend!
Jilly T: Hi, thanks for calling by. Do want to compare knee injuries?
D.B.: Thanks for the post trying to put up a website in a day is proving to be work. Yours looks great
Radiantsky: Thanks for the tag
Chris Ryan: Thanks for the visit,thought I'd return the visit, ery interesting site Chris
Becca: Thanks for the warm welcome and comment. I appreciate it so much. BTW: Didn't scare me at all. Heehee. I am friends with a couple of really sweet aliens. Definitely given a bad rap they are. Mahahahaha!
Eric: thx for tag in and it's fine as we're back in good shape, LOL. happy weekend.
Longshanks: Just dropping in to say hi bro. Been very busy lately, not done much with bravenet, don't think anyone is listening much anyway, have a great day.
Jayman: You rock, brother! My big day is Feb 7...How are the vibes, BTW? You are no doubt feeling some effects, especially since the beginning of this new solar period. I say bring on the ascension..hehehe. In the ether, bro.
Jilly T: Whoops! Think I broke your poll.
Danger Girl : Thanks for stopping by!
Jayman: You're Aquarius too, bro? Kewl! I am definitely feeling the effects of the 4D shift as well and while somewhat uncomfortable on a few levels, relaize this phase for all of us is eesential. See you in the ether, bro. Hope you're back to full health soon.
Eric: Haven't been here for awhile, hope this find you well.
sugar08: thanks for the comment...have a great week~!
TragicGia: thanks for stopping at my site, what cool graphics you got here; take care!!!
LorAnge: Rock on brother and stay tuned to alien vibes and thanks for droppin by my corner. I'll be back!
Z E E A R C T U N E: I'm not even sure who you R-Maeve & Lasair. Perhaps I'll never know since your links lead nowhere. Sometimes I'm just out tagging about in the community. BYE
Maeve: Excuse Lasair for being a little 'upfront', she's just got a few screws loose at the moment. My new year's going pretty good, thanx 4 asking.
LAsair: How the crap did you find out about me and Maeve's bravejournal?
Dark Angel: Hey there Mike ! Well I have many sources. I get all my links from an audio search through AOL. Got a request I'd be more than happy to post it. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm late...lol. Toods my friend
Hollywood Gothique: Happy B-Day!
Dennis : Ah, another good Irish lad in the americas! Play on my Carra
Talula_Rouge: HI! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are off to a banner year as well. Happy Birthday!!
Jilly: Just dropping in to say hi! You have my total sympathy with the knee, I did my own this week too.
Bob Houlston: Thank you for your visit Michael. Best wishes,#==(o )
Jayman: Hey bro! Taking a bit of time to try to catch up, a little at a time. Dropped by to say hello and hope all is well with you. Stay Loose.
Cinnamon Skye: Happy Birthday! thanks for stopping by!
sparkle: with love and light always my dearest Zeeheart
Michael aka ZeeArctune : THX 4 Stopping BYE
Sevy: It's come to this. I'm emailing dogs.
LorAnge: Crazy site you have here man, I luv it' I'll be haunting here for sure, keep on rocking Michael
Jilly: Hi, Take care.
Stimpy: Hi Michael, tell Gypsy Ringo I said hi, and thanks for stopping by my journal!
Jilly T: Hi, enjoyed the visit as always.
Eliza: Thanks a bunch for visiting! I've enjoyed checking out your stuff ... and will now try and discover what wings a computer-literate gorilla would have!??!?!
Jay: Hey bro! Dropping in for a quick visit to say hello and hope all is well with you.
MR BIG Management: Thank U 4 Visiting the O. R. but itz time for Mike's shock treatment. Please leave your name & # and he'll be back real soon. Sincerely Mr Big & the original mini me managment co...
2 Friends and Lovers.

Posted by Amy:

Hi Michael,
Thankyou SO much for your beautiful words...When you wrote 'it truly was a beautiful romance between you and Stimpy', no sentence could be more true.. I loved him the way a mother would love a child, the way a best friend would love another best friend...I loved him more than anyone in the world. I am so touched by the outpouring of sympathy and frienship for Stimpy and I...It brings a smile to my face to see how Stimpys life has truly touched other people.

I will be taking a hiatus from the computer for a while, while I think on what to do with Stimpy's journal, and while I just take some time to wrap my brain around what has happened.
Friday, March 10th 2006 @ 3:17 PM

Posted by naranjo ureña:

todo el crimen organizado d elos bejarano martinez es de dolares de los uags acapulco facultades del crimen como enfermeria & matematicas facultades sin alumnos destacados pero parasitados por maestros emeritos del crimen organizados ya ni que decir de la cordura y el orden en el prd acapulco para clase de alcades ahora gobernadores preciosos por tanta corrupcion:-(
Monday, October 9th 2006 @ 8:18 AM