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Sunday, February 25th 2007

1:36 PM

Music – Spirit- Science -Physical Body - Magical Soul

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Bravenet Update Sunday 02/25/2007


Music – Spirit- Science -Physical Body - Magical Soul


Hailo Friends and Lovers…

I’ve been redefining who I am and who I am becoming. Hope you have enjoyed the stories of who I was. I’ll return to My Life as I remember it as I remember it.


I hope the Shock Treatment is working for you in my absence. Like a caterpillar worm I have been in my Alien Chrysalis Pod Transforming into a new creation. With all the gurgling juices bubbling back and forth in soft agitation I have still been active and hear my resultz in this humble presentation.



I have a new MySpace Musical store where you can help support me and all my endeavors. I figure if I can get everyone to give me a dollar for a song I could be billionaire… So please keep me employed so I can continue to record and generate enough attention to start performing live.

Thank you for your Support… kiss

I also have recorded a couple new tunes. Took all summer to do so however and in spite of a few various personal issues. I managed to get 2 songs done. I’ll soon be returning to my studio Lab to finish and polish my next two tunes for my CD collection title Electric Love. Stop by MySpace to take a listen to ...

Body Language and Ocean Side Summer. 

Physical Body 

Well after a few physical issue that occurred this summer. I got my mind back on track to a daily exercise routine. I made a commitment by purchasing P90X program. So I’m getting ripped baby. My top abs are poking through and my pecks are getting more shapely. Hell I’m making myself hard just thinking about it. Oh excuse me… pardon the pun.


So I’ve been reading A book by Author John Baines (in between crunches) called The Secret Science and have been influenced to sow some seeds during my evolution here on Earth.

Here’s an excerpt of his…

The Adept is a master of the art of transmutation of vibrations, an alchemist in the complete sense of the word, and possess the power which may acquire, to control the smallest vibratory wave within ones self. Another characteristic which allows a true master to be recognized is the double current of force which surrounds the body encompassing the soul or true being known as the “I” is attractive from one side and repulsive from another.

One who truly wishes for spiritual excellence is drawn to the side of the teacher as if attracted like a magnet. And those who doubt and are purely carnal beings interested in only that which is material are repelled… The Master is protected in this fashion.

Ha ha now doesn’t this sound just like me… no wonder… so that explains it! All this time I thought it was me but it was really you! (JK)

I feel so much better now. (((MUCH LOVE)))

New Science 

Guess what?

We don’t need their oil. We can travel on air, by air, pure clean renewing and refreshing air. You have got to check out the links below.

The future is now my friends all you have to do is command it, demand it and make it so. 

May you be bathed in White Light and find inspiration in becoming a New Creation. 

I also wanted to make a Special thanks to all my friends who have kindly stopped by and left me a comment.  

Wendy, Sparkle, DEZ, Gabbie, Rainbow, Jay, Sevina Snape, Eric Kwan, Lady Pixie 

I’ll be back soon… once I emerge from my cocoon; until then I bid you peace and tranquility. 



Future Cars

Must see Video about Air CAR

John Baines

Excerpt from The Stellar Man

Michaels MySpace

My New Music


3 Friends and Lovers.

Posted by Sparkle:

My thought was deep with you especially today and thought i came over and give you a and know you are a very special lighter, take care ZeeMichael
Monday, March 5th 2007 @ 4:47 PM

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Thursday, March 15th 2007 @ 3:44 AM

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Friday, March 23rd 2007 @ 8:15 PM