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Saturday, April 21st 2007

6:09 PM

Every Day Is Earth Day ~ ZeeArcTune

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Hello Happy Earth Day Weekend!


If we take into consideration the understanding of cycle and how everything revolves around each other within certain laws of nature, all is placed back into perspective and the human being can become the true Stewart of the garden that was entrusted; restoring the position of what all was intended and always meant to be. By not doing so humanity is missing out in the definition of joy within what has already been established for eternity. 

“I Choose life over Death and Eternity over Extinction”…Michael



This is something I wrote for Easter weekend but it felt too preachy at the time, but then after more reflection and a bit of editing and revision I attempt to combine the kingdom message with Earth day awareness.

Kingdom Now


Corner Stone

What is the STATE of your Being?

We are created higher than the animals and a little lower than the angels

You are what you think.

Are You; an animal (homo sapiens) or are you a true Human Being?


What is truth?

The truth shall set you free…

The truth hurts

You can’t handle the truth 

The Truth is for me to know and you to find out.


Your body is only a shell. A vessel…A TEMPLE!

What are you filling it with?

Oh, we pathetic creatures clinging to our vices trying to fill ourselves with emptiness.


“Seek the Kingdom first and all those things shall follow.”


“Have we become such great lovers, of ourselves; pathetic in consumption? And then I saw a flock of squawking birds; demanding their worms!”  ZeeArcTune


I am a multi dimensional Being; Ever present in the here and now and yet operating on multiple planes.


I AM Divine Being

I am

Fully awakened, reborn, and totally enlightened

I completely understand the covenant that has been established between Heaven and Earth, do you?

I heard a voice crying out in the Wilderness




3 B.C.

Opening scene

Close up

A pair of sandaled feet is seen walking through the parched and rocky wilderness.

The dust cloud is being created beneath them as the earth is turned up in dishevel.

Sound Effect

Crunches of Earth and Rock are heard from beneath his feet. A large crowd of voices speaking in a foreign language filled with jubilee rejoicing, men shouting in some sort of cheer, the whispers and gossip talk of concerned sounding women and tiny voices of children can be heard laughing and fluttering about as the sandals march forward.  

Long Shot

A leader is stepping forward confidently ahead of a crowd of people of all size and age. The dust cloud trails up into the air behind them and one can see a ruckus is being stirred up.

Close up

The water sparkles clean midmorning, as the camera pans in a circular motion from left to right in display of a brand new glorious day and settles back upon the marching sandals that have stopped at the edge of the river upon the solid rock of a huge boulder.

 Sound Effect

The rushing sound of the river and the hush of the crowd occur, with a voice that shouts out an invitation.

Medium Shot

The Man leaps forward off the rock and into the river.

Sound Effect

The voice shouts out something to the crowd.

The crowd is now a large audience and begins to cheer and applaud moderately in approval.

Long Shot Aerial

One man wades out into the middle of the river to meet the man who has been shouting in the wilderness. They can be heard talking in low man tones as they greet one another and the audience struggles to lend an ear.

Suddenly the man violently seizes the other by the shoulders in a wild shout shoving the man beneath the flowing water and holds the other beneath the element; in a firm and steady grip.

Medium Close up

A pair of thick strong hands can be seen, placed firmly on the other mans shoulders close to the neck beneath the water. A calm face smiles sweetly beneath the flowing sparkling water. The one beneath the water calmly reaches and touches the hands and arms of the pair that holds him firmly in his grip.

The smiling face suddenly stops, and eyes pop open as the man beneath the water frowns in anger gritting his teeth and takes the other strongly by the wrists. The two begin to struggle in a slight wrestle as the silt is stirred up distorting the image of the man beneath the water. Finally the man beneath the water breaks free from the grip in a near death experience. The baptizer with wild eyes looks into the eyes of the other as if checking to see if he’s the one; and with crazed excitement the two share a new revelation.

Sound effect

The Sounds of a violent struggle can be heard of churning water with a long charismatic growl grunting forth from the wild man expelling loud shout.

Medium distant shot

Two men struggling as the one beneath the water breaks free and rises to the surface standing up on two feet throwing the other mans arm away as both sets of arms raise wide open to the sky. A bolt of lightning tears through the sky and a ball of white light, settles down slowly engulfing the head of the man who has just been soaked.

Sound effect

A huge rumble and then ripping clap of thunder sounds with a fizz 

“One man’s ministry ends and another’s begins.”… Michael


And on the Third day he rose…

It has been two thousand years.


No man knows the day no the hour of his return

Christ himself said he did not know otherwise he would have told us…

Why tarry? I always say… smote the Earth!

I have grown tired of the sleepy sheep.

But then I am not God; Michael...just like him… oh isn’t that a scary thought? 

How often do we smite the cheek of Creation?  

But again I’m told to tell the tale




Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

On Earth?

Where is this Kingdom?

And where does the Kingdom start?

Where does this Kingdom end?

When does the Kingdom begin? 

It is true that mankind hasn’t truly evolved for over 2000 years we still have not truly;

Cultivated the soul; Technologically; where we ARE evolving is now taking leaps and bounds and life has drastically changed in the last 150 years and will continue to do so. That is Of course again if we don’t become extinct ourselves as our vices and beastly needs destroy the earth. I believe the Earth itself is alive and will see to it that a change will occur before we do so. Christ himself said that if he did not return this would happen as well. The likely hood of all we know is in the measure, why tarry I always have thought.

If we don’t evolve the spirit and ascend our souls to higher awareness then we shall become nothing more then greater automatons and consciousness will cease to exist as our quest to free up time becomes consumed by human beings becoming nothing more than slaves to the matrix as we fix and repair our robots and computers and slowly assimilate into our own creation; Or becoming so dull in the hive mentality that we evolve into nothing more then the Borg on the Sci-Fi television series Star Trek.

“The information age must evolve into the age of enlightened communication.”

Truly it’s all been said before, but it’s effectively communicating the thought that comes into question.

So it defiantly comes to the line drawn of how do we proceed and stay one step above the machine. And that is of course the evolution of the soul. And that brings us back to square one with truly becoming enlightened.

It boils down to each parent taking responsibility for cultivating the mind, body and soul of their children with the greater truth of all things.

Ha ha ...again we find the paradox and dilemma of how each successive generation decides the fate of the future.

"The Meek shall inherit the Earth." 

The likely hood of all we know is in the measure, why tarry I always have thought. But free will is like the prime directive when it comes to universal intervention. We all know that continuous spanking can be an abusive measure that also has no effect. Especially to a somnambulistic society that feeds like vampires off each other swaying to and fro like a pendulum or bouncing like a rubber; super balls in rooms filled with fragile figurines. Be the perfect consumer and keep swallowing the sweet pill that’s placed so effectively upon your palette in a continuous drive in our communion of greed and lust for the next product that you think you might need to live your life more effectively. Most of it is really bullshit and what we truly need gets shelved in obscurity to keep you sleeping like a true citizen of ancient Rome, all happy with your circus and gladiatorial games.

Some drive their cars according to the laws set by society according to common courtesy and simple logic (I say some because some people can’t even do that and should have their license revoked ASAP) and yet we do not operate this shell of a body with much understanding to the greater meaning that each of us is only a vessel.

(And well we all know what happens when some bird brain gets behind the wheel. The ripple is felt for years.)

As for me I have achieved by grace in my quest for the knowledge of truth, and the truth is I am eternal; just passing through this system and onto the next.

You ask… “What the hell is he talking about?” Exactly!

That is for me to know and you to find out.

As this Galaxy drifts forward in time eventually to collide with andromeda and the Sun super novas into a red dwarf. I don’t think your soul is going to appreciate the never ending cycle of karma and reincarnation if your find yourself marooned in that realm; as the rest of the eternal energy of consciousness moves on with out you.

(You can let your imagination run with that. If you have any scientific training the outcome of what I’m speaking of is totally relevant.) 

As it is above so it is below and vice versa… 

2. The Principle of Correspondence

"As above, so below, as below, so above." In one sense, this law states that the "whole" of a body is reflected in one "part." This has been referred to in physics as the holographic nature of the Universe. This law describes many natural relationships, such as a cell of an organism containing the entire genetic information of the whole body, a person's emotional disposition being reflected back to him by his environment.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within."


The Sheep Dog

Homo sapiens truly are like sheep and must constantly have a Shepard. But the Shepard needs a vicious little dog to put all those dirty sheep in place. Problem is why should the dog care? Except when the dog does nothing the wolf gets fed and the dog is scolded by his master as he lies with that innocent look upon his face amongst the bloody slaughter.


They wouldn't listen.

Then the Shepard laughs in forgiveness and says...

Ahhh good little pup we didn't need them anyway. The meadow is full.

Sorry I don't think so... do you...?

So what is the moral of my little parable??? 

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.  

Good things happen when good people do something.


The dog is Loyal in spite of his short comings.



“I have tasted the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil; the bitter sweet taste of option and free will in the choice between virtue and vice.”


“And when shall it come for us to see the end; When animals are Holier than men?”… ZeeArcTune


Homo sapiens the animal labeled by science… Humanity… we are not animals; but are creatures within creation. It is up to the individual to decide the difference between the two.”


What is the definition of animal? I found this Webster definition interesting.


Main Entry:1an*i*mal




1 : any of a kingdom of living things typically differing from plants in capacity for active movement, in rapid response to stimulation, and in lack of cellulose cell walls

2 : a lower animal as distinguished from human beings;  also   : MAMMAL


I have studied religions and various forms of spirituality.

Various indigenous cultures have been known to choose totem creatures to describe a person to relate the state of their being.

What sort of animal are you?


Some have been described as sheep…

Some have been described as children…

Some as the son’s of God…


You are what you think. 

I think therefore I am


“Seek the Kingdom first and all those things shall follow.”


   Instead, seek his kingdom, [seek first his kingdom and his righ- teousness (Mt 6:33)] and these things shall be yours as well. [Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (Lk 12:31-32)] 

No more Pain!

It's all a matter of your vantage point.



It must be the time of year. I get philosophical during this magical time when treasures are built in Heaven.

I feel a calling to cleanse and move on to things that are Eternal.

I get Mystical and want to open mysteries.

I get concerned and want to share what I know. Except when I try no one truly understands because the vale is so thick.

This world seems so fleeting and like it's written.

Many are called few are chosen.

And when you find out who you really are; it's sad to see all those who really aren't.

But it's a matter of free will and the truth belongs to the diligent that search.


“The Will of the Father is to Honor the Son.”… Michael




Πάτερ μν ν τος ορανος·

γιασθήτω τ νομά σου·

λθέτω βασιλεία σου·

γενηθήτω τ θέλημά σου, ς ν οραν κα π γς·

τν ρτον μν τν πιούσιον δς μν σήμερον·

κα φες μν τ φειλήματα μν,

ς κα μες φίεμεν τος φειλέταις μν·

κα μ εσενέγκς μς ες πειρασμόν,

λλ ῥῦσαι μς π το πονηρο.

[τι σο στιν βασιλεία κα δύναμις κα δόξα ες τος αἰῶνας. μήν]





Inconvenient Truth


The Kingdom 


The Kingdom of heaven is within. 




Katherine Tingley


Count Leo Tolstoi


Kingdom of God



"You have a lot to LEARN... get busy!"  ... ZeeArcTune




3 Friends and Lovers.

Posted by Sparkle:

Earth day did come round a good time this year, I am here early in the morning with a hot cup of herb tea and sitting quietly reading your post zeelight while i hear the birds singing sweetly outside my home, nice to be up early and smell the fresh air before to many souls are also up have a blessed weekend and take care of you as i know you do
Saturday, April 28th 2007 @ 3:55 AM

Posted by Sparkle:

I felt to visit you today and give you a warm have another blessed moment in this 3d world angel zeelight
Sunday, May 6th 2007 @ 5:50 AM

Posted by Vagelle Slotkin:

Regarding --
"Many are called and few are chosen" --
From my study I have found that there are certain ways that you will always kow you are chosen. SOME have often think it will be a mark on your body, some kind of groove or mottled land of skin......however this is NOT often the case. The most common way to find that you are chosen is if when you stretch your arm out to the cosmos you feel a PULSING underneath your wrist... a long line like vein, but it isn't a vein exactly... the pulsing has a METALLIC quality to it, almost like you have a very thin HOT METAL ROD slipped under your skin in that particular place... maybe this is just for the robocroteck amongst the chosen but this is by far the most common type of CHOSEN in today's day and age...... just thought I would share.
Monday, May 21st 2007 @ 5:59 PM