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Wednesday, May 31st 2006

9:57 AM


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My Mother~ Garnet     &     My Father - Michael SR



The Daycare Center


The summer after completing Kindergarten my sister and I had to go to some daycare center on the Air Force base while my Mother did something that I can’t remember. My older sister Lorrie went else where, lucky her.

Becky and I stepped into this weird Fagan world from Oliver Twist tales of childhood terror. It was total lower world military horror, barrack styled encampment with bunks and cots and caretakers that border lined dudgeon masters. In this place I often found myself turning my head, covering my eyes from things I never thought to imagine, let alone to actually see. These memories were so shocking and stomach wrenching for me as I a child that I don’t know what order of the days were or how many times we had to visit the daycare. All I have is little horrors to remember so I’ll try to express this more as a feeling or emotion of what it was to attend…

First off the children were separated by age. So straight away from walking in the door, my sister was whisked away from me. She seemed to be ok, bravely looking back no tears but big eyes bugging as her arm was gently pulled out of socket by Sergeant Lady Kid commander. So I didn’t suffer too much anxiety there, I don’t know how Becky (my younger sister) felt about all this; and to this day I have never bothered to ask; and to say the truth I don’t think she’d remember this,  least of all from my perspective. But every once in a while, while we were there; we’d cross paths; with her going in one direction and I in another. She seemed to be safe and surviving and at times laughing, possibly from insanity. I on the other hand loathed that place and hated to stoop down into the depths of humanity hell.

Memory #1. The smell- The place reeked of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and body odor. To reach the cots and bunk beds we had to march past a make shift kitchen. This kitchen would never pass muster with today’s dining codes and inspections. The lighting was a makeshift of extension cords and hanging bulbs. I walked past the vats of spaghetti bubbling on hot plate burners and extension cords. Behind the wooden portable table stood a teenage cook with a cigarette dangling from mouth and drippy beads upon his sweaty brow as he toiled over the orange brew of spaghetti O’s. It took years for me to even look at a can with the Chef and even a few more before I could eat it without gagging. I like the ravioli if I’m on the go.

Memory #2. The fat lady- This lady was the first super obese person I have ever saw and she was mean as a Nazi Whore Lordess, that towered over everyone. She stood so tall that she had to duck her head to get through the doorway, not to mention having to turn sideways to fit through because she was so fat. But the most frightening aspect I saw of her was I came upon her all out whipping some poor soul’s bare naked ass and the jowls of her arms flawing in the air. To think of this child’s memories is even now, too much for me to bare to hold for too long.

Memory #3 The Blind Boy – There was this blind boy who wandered the grounds and inside the compound. We became acquainted in a brief friendship. The problem was he always had snot running down his upper lip and his eyes were greased with some sort of sav. I often sat at the edge of the sand box and watched him create strange sand structures with a plastic cup of water that he would retrieve from the fountain as he would stumble slowly to and fro in his daily ritual.              

Memory #4 Booger in the Bunk- They called us in Early from the yard. Something was happening with the Air Force; some sort of base alert. The care takers were so very serious whilst sirens wailed in distorted harmonies, I took the blind boy by the hand and we all gathered in a line to enter the day care barracks. I winded done the corridors, past the cook’s smirk, past the fat Nazi grinning sheepishly sitting with her legs out stretched as if waiting for someone to be unaware of her presence and possibly trip across her loaves, dangling over the edges of her undersized chair. Hustled to an upper bunk with where the bulb dangled above my nose emitting heat that caused me to sweat and yearn for lights out. However this time out of the corner of my eyes I saw something smeared across the wall. I turned to look and it was a horrifying bloody booger, red and green gooey expulsion. And following the trail I could see that all around my head was a mine field of nasty human nose excretions. I froze in utter disgust and turned my head and the room went black as the bulbs were extinguished. Slowly my vision returned in the midst of blue and green swirls of blotched circles and dots, as I concentrated upon the fiber ember glowing orange as the siren wails turned from synthesized howls to the rising whimper and moans of all the little children around me. I stiffened my thumb in preparation to scoop out the eye of anyone who might try to hurt me…

I don’t remember what I told my Mother about the place, but I do remember violently opposing her in regard to being left there and we never returned to that hell on earth. So it finally ended and we never had to return to that place and all I have to say is good riddance and that I hope that no soul was permanently damaged by the experience. 




My Life As I Remember It

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7 Friends and Lovers.

Posted by Rainbow:

WOW! What an experience! I can't believe that there would be such a place for children.

I enjoy reading your autobiography. There are so many people in this world, and each one has so many interesting experiences to tell about.

By the way, the tagboard spammers have been defeated!!! YAY!
Thursday, June 1st 2006 @ 3:13 AM

Posted by Sparkle:

Nothing to say, only that which i was here and hope you are ok
Friday, June 2nd 2006 @ 2:50 PM

Posted by lilsister:

Ya know brother, I always love talking to you and reading your e-mails (when we keep in touch). I love you! I'm ashamed of myself that I never took the time to read any of this but last night I visited you here for the first time (I know, you don't have to look at me like that) but it made me laugh and brought back sooo many memories. I hope you come visit us on 06/23/2006. My friend Garnette was here and we were listening to your tunes and looking at pictures and reading. I'm real proud of you brother that you have a site like this. The pictures are great; seeing mom especially and how beautiful she is and feeling how very much I miss her. You keep in touch and I'll be back. With all my love, your lil sis, ~Becky
Tuesday, June 13th 2006 @ 5:32 AM

Posted by sparklelight:

Greetings dearest michael
Saturday, June 17th 2006 @ 5:17 AM

Posted by Sevina Imogen Snape:

Hol lee sh*t Michael I hope you're making this up.
Nazi Whore Lordess
Hol lee sh*t !!!
Sunday, June 18th 2006 @ 3:08 PM

Posted by Jilly T:

Hi, Just dropping by to catch up. I know its been a while but its always good to call by. Hugs, Jilly.
Thursday, June 22nd 2006 @ 10:40 AM

Posted by Beherzt:

Listen-listen as people cheere, the summer's here the summer's here!
Thursday, June 22nd 2006 @ 11:29 PM